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Not ready to ship all your items or haven’t gotten all the items you need to be shipped? No worries, we’ll store the items you have in any of our secure warehouses. For free. We’ll keep these items safe for a while, provided you have agreed to our storage and shipping terms. We utilize cutting edge technology to ensure top security in our facilities and have staff monitoring security devices around the clock. At VAC, safety is our top priority and we spare no expense to keep a safe environment. In addition, our warehouses are eco-friendly. We recycle and use recycled materials for our storage materials. 

Our warehouses and storage facilities are also climate controlled. We’ll keep your goods cool in the heat of summer and warm in the freeze of winter. All year round, your cargo will be kept safe and dry. When you’re ready to ship, just visit us again with all the documents you should have in your possession and complete any outstanding payment/paperwork and your cargo would be prepared for shipment. VAC warehousing service is a top choice for all our clients over other storage options provided by others. 

Fast Worldwide Delivery

Whenever you are ready to ship, we’ll ensure your cargo will be sent out for prompt delivery. You’ll have every information needed to track your package and also estimated delivery date.

Free service

As stated, this service is free to all confirmed and prepaid clients. We’ll provide documentation when you store items to show there is no cost for storage.

Safety & Compliance

All our facilities are constantly under surveillance and we spare no expense to ensure your goods are safe. Safety is always our top priority at VAC.