Contract Logistics

Our team offers comprehensive services in supply chain design and planning, facility design, and warehousing, all tailored to meet our client’s needs.

Contract Logistics

Contract Logistics is a comprehensive service beyond warehousing, fulfilment and distribution. It involves outsourcing the management of logistics resources to an external or third-party provider. These organisations manage the complete supply chain for your business, including the design and selection of warehouses, infrastructure, transportation and delivery of goods, inventory management, order fulfilment and payment collection.

Victoria Air Cargo provides comprehensive supply chain solutions, including designing and planning of supply chains, facility design, warehousing, transportation, distribution of goods, order processing, payment collection, inventory management, and customer service.

Why Is Contract Logistics Beneficial?

Understanding the concepts of contract logistics and its potential to benefit your business is essential for successful supply chain management. As such, it is vital to recognize the advantages of this approach.

Hiring logistics specialists to manage operations where you don’t have expertise can help you save significant time and costs. This can lower the cost per order since third-party or contract logistics companies already have the requisite workforce and resources available, leading to better cost efficiency.

A contract logistics company can provide the necessary warehouse facility and resources for your logistics operations, saving you the need to set up and maintain these operations in-house. Furthermore, their processes will likely be more frequently updated than if you handled them.

The advantages of outsourcing logistics to third-party companies are clear – their operational efficiency is higher, resulting in improved cost and resource efficiency. Additionally, constructing one’s facility may take up to a year, while outsourcing enables operations to begin immediately.

A contract logistics company can be more responsive to fluctuations in demand and supply due to their ability to share resources and personnel across projects, providing greater flexibility to adjust than an in-house logistics department.

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