Ocean Freight

Our Ocean Freight Service is ideal for transporting large items over extended distances, making it the best way to move bulky cargo.

Victoria Ocean Freight

Ocean Freight is ideal for transporting heavy or bulky cargo between countries. It is a cost-effective way to move goods when time is not of the essence. With ocean freight, you can send your shipment overseas conveniently and economically.

At Victoria Air Cargo, safety is our top priority. We ensure secure, timely and adequately packaged cargo shipment for our clients on board vessels, meeting the highest industry standards. Security measures are in place to guarantee the safe transport of your cargo. As an extra safeguard, we offer insurance coverage for every consignment.

When should you choose Ocean Freight?

Service Process

At Victoria Air Cargo, we understand that the transportation of goods requires an efficient and reliable process. That’s why our air cargo and freight shipping process is designed to ensure the safe and secure delivery of your items. 

Get Estimate

We provide an estimate of the cost of shipping after conducting an assessment.

Packing & Shipping

We carefully package your goods and ensure they are safe during transit.


We ensure your items will be delivered to their final destination safely and on time.

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