Procurement & Delivery

We provide our clients with access to products that are not available in their countries and deliver them straight to their doorsteps.

Procurement & Delivery

At Victoria Air Cargo, we recognize that many people worldwide need or desire items that are not easily obtainable in their home countries. This can lead to paying high delivery fees by ordering online or by phone. Our planning and development team have created a Purchase & Delivery Service to tackle this problem. 

We will get your desired products for an affordable price by working with retailers, merchants, manufacturers and industry giants in our network. This way, you pay less for each item, regardless of brand or type, and we will use any available transportation to get your items to you quickly.

Benefits of Purchase & Delivery Service

Our Purchase and Delivery Service offers our clients several benefits, namely:

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Air Freight

Our Air Freight Service offers fast delivery over long distances, ensuring clients receive their cargo quickly, even in remote locations.

Ocean Freight

Our Ocean Freight Service is ideal for transporting large items over extended distances, making it the best way to move bulky cargo.


Our secure warehouses provide safe, reliable storage for your cargo items, so you only ship your goods when you are ready.

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